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M.O.B stands for Mastering Overcoming Boundaries. Independent artists know it's a hidden but absolute fact that we face challenges while on the rise but when we have tools that are affordable to use it softens the impact we all face while striving for our dreams and owning ourselves 100%.

A safe place for Independent Artists to thrive  &  market themselves 

while on a Budget.

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Who is Natalie the influencer?

Natalie Nichole is a singer-songwriter, actress & all around Entertainer was born in Lubbock, Texas & raised in San Antonio, Texas. Performing since as far back as she can remember she’s also a true inspiration overcoming molestation, racism & even homelessness. Through it all Natalie has rubbed elbows with the best of them from acts like Nick Cannon to even writing songs for TV shows like Empire. Currently, Natalie is an iTunes chart topping artist through her own Independent label “Indience Music Group” by the way of United Masters owning herself 100%. Recently featured on major sites like Billboard, Fox, NBC & CBS Natalie’s discography keeps flourishing and she would like her legacy to be for her storytelling & testimony because she pulls from her own life experiences to create and help others in all things she does including Acting, Motivational Speaking & Professional Influencing.

I make quality content  to drive 
attention to my clients through  
Campaigns  I create through,

a popular site made specifically to bring

Influencers like myself    & artists together for organic networking & exposure.

I advertise on all my
available social media 

platforms for indie artists.

  • The Night Vibe (N27 Reviews Tunes) | Available Monday, Wednesday & Friday Nights on my Verified Instagram with 90k+ followers where I review your tune LIVE & allow you to join.

  • #TikTokTuesday Posts | I create a dance or vibe out to your sound on my TikTok that has over 70.9k Followers and I always tag your TikTok profile.

  • M.O.B Magazine (Write Up) | Short write up ($15) Magazine Cover & full Questionnaire ($30)

  • Spotify Play-listing | $10 per main playlists if purchased separately (5 main playlists) or $60 Bundle to be added to 30 playlists including the main ones.

  • Feature Artist on MobMagazine.TV YouTube Channel (Ala-cart $30)

  • Deluxe Press Bundle $250 | 2 week Promo | Get interviewed on Verified IG, Interview edited & Featured on YouTube Channel, automatically get a Magazine Cover write up & Featured on 25 Spotify Playlists, Tagged TikTok Post - Comes with 2 personalized promo flyers. 

Clients &


Below are a few sites I've collaborated with clients on to help build their brand and draw traffic or attention to their own social media sites and music pages or music in general.


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